Friday, 29 January 2016

The death knell of dating...

So, that noise, what is it? That, my friends, is the shadowy peal of the bells of doom for dating. The warning clang of bollocks bashing together and the harmonious clatter and smash of bullshit hitting the walls. The slimy layer of lies and snot covered dishonesty that frankly, I should have seen, or at the very least, smelt!

Why the anger? You ask. I'll tell you. Good date, very good date. Lots of conversation, huge amount of laughter, free, uninhibited, easy. Nice meal, nothing extraordinary, but well cooked, presented and served. A few off key comments from the date, obviously used to the finer things in life, and paying for them, but nothing to suggest that actually, he was completely Fucked Up by being a lapsed Catholic, or being a Catholic who had lapsed?? HUGE, HUGE hangups regarding sexuality and sexual freedom. What is it about religious beliefs, both past and present that mangle the soul and spirit into nothingness? For the love of...whatever ISN'T God and isn't Holy, Man Up. Get, The. Fuck. Over. It. I thought sex was supposed to be fun, enjoyable?? No? Got that wrong as well then. Long standing misunderstanding on my part.

And with the green and out with the peach. After three days of really weird text messages, I received one that said 'all contact should be severed with immediate effect' (I did say he was a barrister) I responded with 'OK, no worries, smiley face.' (Bound to get on his tits.) Why are men so weird? Why make out that you want one thing when you really want something different? Is it to test out morality or our acting skills? Either way, fuck off.

That, my friends, is that for now. I'm bereft of dates for the time being, totally wrecked by liars and charmers and manipulators. Done by deceivers and dishonesty. Busy at work and occupied by family, those who don't deserve a place in my life don't get one.

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