Sunday, 10 January 2016

Yo! Peeps! So here is my profile write up on one particular dating site. What's not to like? No, seriously, what's not to like? I'm obviously the whole package. Reading this is like seeing me as the drunken me, which is the me I would like to be all the time; confident, hilarious and most importantly, drunk! I'd date me after reading this. Wouldn't you???

The one thing I am most passionate about

Breathing! I find that after 46 years, this is definitely the one thing that I'm still passionate about. I try to do it everyday, all day and, if I know me, I probably do it all night long too! Even when I'm asleep!This passion helps to drive all my other passions such as long walks (usually with a pub featured in them), spending quality time with friends and family and gazing at the star studded night sky. (Please ask for a bucket if you need one.)

The most important thing I am looking for in a person is

A pulse! A good sense of humour A spark of intelligence, you don't have to be on Mastermind or have a PhD, but the ability to read without using your index finger to help you is advantageous. You will be financially and emotionally secure and stable, and have a certificate from your psychiatrist to prove the latter. You will be able to share, and I'm not talking about your money or material assets - I don't give a monkey's whatever about that - I'm talking about your time, your affection, your interest. All those things that make the other person feel included, valued and wanted.

The most influential person in my life has been

My children have made me what I am. So if it's good, then give them the credit, and if it's bad then blame them! I pretty much didn't follow any advice given to me when I was younger so any mistakes or misjudgements I made were of my own doing. My English Teacher in High School put me off school and education and it was only later on in my life that I realised I wasn't as thick as she had led me to believe!!! Oh yes, I do believe in Karma!

The first thing people notice about me
I'm 5'11" tall. I have the body of an 18 year old. Where I keep it will remain a secret that I take to my grave, so don't even bother asking. I won't tell the police and I'm not going to tell you. I can come across as a bit shy and awkward at first. This whole dating thing is a hideous experience but I feel I must persevere before taking my vows and retiring to a convent somewhere. (Joking! Ain't going to happen because they won't have me...something to do with a hidden body.) I have a razor sharp wit and can cut people down with a few well chosen words, though I try not to as I like the 'banter'.

I typically spend my leisure time

I occasionally enjoy a really good rummage at a charity shop or car boot! I love to visit friends in France, where I used to live, and share a meal and bottle of wine. My friend told me to write 'long walks on the beach'. She said that would bring the gents flocking to me. I don't really like long walks on the beach, unless there's a really good pub at the end of it! I like to be at home, in front of the fire, playing cards, listening to music or watching something on the TV or a DVD. I enjoy cooking but that's something I do EVERYDAY so it can wear a bit thin at times. 

The one thing I wish MORE people would notice about me

Sometimes I'm drowning, not waving. There are more layers to me that a red onion. I'm not always the bundle of laughs I portray to the outside world. I can be serious and meaningful. I'm very supportive of those around me and I will, and do, put the needs of others before mine.I love intensely. 

 A little more about me

I have nothing against the shorter gentleman. I was married to a chap who was 5'7 for over 20 years, (I wore flats and he was on tip toe most of the time.) However, I would prefer a partner who was taller, or at least, as tall as me. I'm a good person.

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